Consumer products

Consumer products

Swallow’s nest jelly

  • ツバメの巣、ツバメの巣ゼリー
  • ツバメの巣、ツバメの巣ゼリー
  • ツバメの巣、ツバメの巣ゼリー
  • ツバメの巣、ツバメの巣ゼリー

Stronger skin! Made with 3 vital ingredients that improve the skin

Skin aging is caused mostly by “drying”, “break in the turnover cycle”, and “deficiency in elasticity”.
Because of this, to improve the skin, all of the three mentioned problems must be addressed.

Product Specifications

Contents 70g(10g×7)
Exp. Date 540 days
Country of origin Japan
Selling agency Daito Co.,Ltd
Manufacturing Sansho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Quantity 48
JAN code 4930444000990
How to store Please avoid areas with direct sunlight, high temperatures, or high humidity when storing the product.


Extract from Swallow nest

・Well known luxury beauty food, Swallow nest,containing sialic acid and EGF,which accelerates collagen production,increase moisture,and avoid dryness.
・With Anti-aging effect and other ingredients,lift up your skin.


Extract from Cherry blossom

・Extract from Cherry blossom attracts attention for avoiding glycation.
・Hold whitening effect by restraining cause of mottles and freckles.


Extract from Yuzu seed

・Avoid Melanin generation and accelerate turnover of skin by keeping metabolism running efficiently.
・Keep skin moisture.


Collagen & Elastin

・Collagen cannot sustain skin elasticity without Elastin.
・Combination of collagen and elastin keeps flexibility and elasticity of skin.

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