Consumer Products Operation

Providing oral care products, cosmetics, and health foods
for general consumers

Consumer Products Operation

Consumer Products Operation

Our products are supermarkets throughout Japan, drug stores, specialty shops,Variety shops,
home centers and so on are available for purchase.


Ultra Big Head of cotton swab is effective for penetration deep into skin Moisturizing + Keratin Care.

・It is easy patting by 12cm long stick.
・Plenty of beauty extract ~ 3 g! in a Big Head (※ Per a stick)

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New feeling! Modeling mask ~ Keep the skin tight and moist

Feel the Facial Aesthetic at home!

Clay mask + Sheet mask = Modeling mask!
This have both merit.
~ Gold, Collagen, Pearl ~3 kinds~ ~

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Ci:boku~Tooth Tree Toothpaste by Coral ~

It is transmitted from long ago and natural tooth brushing "Ci: boku" Coral plus
☆ Tooth texture get to smooth! Natural toothpaste! !

Toothbrush tree "Neem" leaf extract formulated
Contains natural plant extract to adjust the mouth environment
Contains apatite formulated fossilized coral origin from Okinawa
Suggested retail price: 1,280 yen (excluding tax)

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Ci:boku mouthwash

Ciboku toothpaste series
~Ciboku mouthwash~ Released

●4 kinds of herb × POs-Ca® formulated
●Because it is a low stimulus gentle mouthfeel, you can use it even if you are not good at mouthwash.
●POs-Ca does not make acid which causes tooth decay, so you can keep healthy teeth every day use.

※POs-Ca® is a registered trademark of Ezaki Glico.

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Tooth Smart

Teeth whitening done easily at home! Only 9 minutes per treatment!

Simply connect the device to your smartphone (iPhone / Android) and turn it on! No batteries required. Spend quick 9 minutes while listening to music on your smartphone, or chatting with your friend.

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Breath refreshing ~ 5 kinds of "fresh fruit taste"

Easy to put into mouth "Cup type" mouthwash! !

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Swallow’s nest jelly

Stronger skin! Made with 3 vital ingredients that improve the skin

Skin aging is caused mostly by “drying”, “break in the turnover cycle”, and “deficiency in elasticity”.
Because of this, to improve the skin, all of the three mentioned problems must be addressed.

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Ci:boku -Shiboku (tooth tree) toothpaste-

Made with traditional Indian medicine!

The product combines 3 Āyurveda ingredients!
・3 Āyurveda ingredients prevent bad breath and improve oral conditions!
・The product is tooth-friendly by not using 4 harmful ingredients!・Green papaya enzyme eliminates stains!

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Men’s scrubbing soap bar

Made in Indonesia!

Scrubbing soap bar that combines natural curcumin!
Containing curcumin with antimicrobial properties, the soap is great for removing stubborn oils!

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One-day disposable tooth brush set

Total shipments over 1.5 billion!
Toothbrush made by an amenities maker!

(medicated toothpaste included)

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