Labor-Saving Solution Business

Solution equipment

We strive to make products that would contribute to the efficient running and labor-saving of your company or shop.

There are many companies hoping to reduce expenses and labor costs, streamlining operations or considering labor-saving options.
In order to meet those needs, Daito has been developing money counters, general-purpose machines and manual vending machines to alleviate enumerating operations. From the initial planning to designing, manufacturing and final delivery, we take care of it all within our company, thus being able to suggest original products that meet our customers’ requests.


Our products will be able to help cut down time and effort considerably. We will support you improve operational efficiency through our products.


We put our customer’s convenience at the highest priority, developing products that have ingenuity in both their simple utility and aesthetically pleasing design.


Alleviation of operational labor and working time reduction contribute immensely to cost-saving. Also, manual work by varied workers could produce varied results in accuracy and precision. Using our products could effectively even out the work quality.


We develop our products to make sure that you are able to maximize the limited space you may have, with highly functional design.