We offer "comfort, convenience, kindness, safety and high quality" through to the challenge
which concentrate on the making society comfortable, convenient and friendly.
Daito will make our dream by producing the safe and secure.

Amenity Goods

Amenities such as toothbrush, razor, soap and so on are comfortable hospitality for customers at accommodation facilities.
Daito offers a variety of amenity products paid to the safety, high quality and functional beauty. We manufacture consistently at our domestic factory, conduct various inspections and strictly check the safety. That is why the reason that our products are being used in various places.

  • Eco Amenity

    Eco Amenity

  • Toothbrush


  • Razor


  • Hair Brush

    Hair Brush

  • Slipper


  • Bath amenity

    Bath amenity

  • Kid's Amenity

    Kid's Amenity

  • Eco Laundry Bag

    Eco Laundry Bag

  • Mouthwash


  • Portable Toothbrush Set

    Portable Toothbrush Set

  • Ballpoint pen

    Ballpoint pen

  • Original series and others

    Original series and others

Labor-Saving Solution

We support your management with creative idea and technical capabilities quickly and accurately.
Daito's money counting machine realizes the labor saving and security both.
We propose original products according to customer's demands from planning to design and manufacture such as money counting machine, compact vending machine that reduces the work burden.

  • Coin counter

    Coin counter

  • Note counter

    Note counter

  • Weight counter

    Weight counter

  • Cashbox


  • Safety box & Coin counter

    Safety box & Coin counter

  • Vending Machine

    Vending Machine

  • Hand Labelar

    Hand Labelar

  • Passport Readar

    Passport Readar