Daito’s efforts


To be friendly toward the environment, its people, and its future;
We will continue putting all our efforts into what we can do now, what we should do now.

Our motto to be “the company that strives to help create pleasant lives” have motivated us since the founding of our organization, and upon this philosophy we have grown our business, developing many different products to meet the needs of the people over the changing times.
We aim to bring what we value to you and your family, to companies, to cities, and to the world.
We will make our Daito dream, to connect hearts, into reality.

Our efforts to be environmentally friendly

At Daito, we use a raw material called “Degra Nobon” to manufacture our toothbrushes.
What is “Degra Nobon”?
It is a chemical solution that can decompose plastic into low materials and induce oxidation decomposition using UV rays, heat, oxygen and microbes. Up until recently, research on decomposing plastic has been to “create a new type of plastic that can be decomposed”. However, Nobon’s idea is the complete opposite; the goal is to
“Decompose polyethylene and polypropylene”.
Debra Nobon’s role is to help plastic undergo oxidation and decompose on its own; it is a “oxidation aiding solution”. It is not just the added Debra Nobon that gets decomposed.