Vending machine Operating service

Vending machine operating

We not only offer our vending machines themselves, but propose to work together to create a more pleasant environment in your facility.

Our work is not limited to “providing what is requested where it is requested”.
We will help you create relaxing break areas with vending machines that appeal to the consumer’s will to purchase items.
Not only do we offer a wide range of products from collaborating domestic leading manufacturers in the country, we provide complete operation services, from re-stocking products to maintenance of the machines, and collecting the sales, utilizing our nation-wide network that operates under our main service center.

What is our Vending Machine Operation Service?

We will suggest the machine that is most appropriate for the space you have, as well as the best choice of drinks. We could also deliver our selection of our most popular drinks.


We want you to have the most appropriate machine for your space, and the best drinks available. Vending machines need to carry different drinks depending on the location and the customer base. At Daito, we collaborate with the top drink manufacturers of the country and offer a wide variety of drinks from cans to paper juice packs, and suggest products that are most fitting for your situation.



We will deliver a selection of the most popular drinks to you. We collaborate with the top drink manufacturers of the country such as Asahi, Daido, and Kirin, so our selection of popular drinks are very wide.



We have experience and knowledge on how to best use space, as well as reliable up-to-date information. As a pioneer for indoor vending machines, we have the know-how we can share with you. From small to large, we can work with any space you may have; we will suggest the best vending machine for you and how to maximize the space most efficiently.


What our services include


●Re-stocking products : Depending on the season and sales, we will re-stock and change the products.

●Maintenance : In order to make sure the machines are operating properly at all times, we do periodical checks and thorough cleaning.

●Collecting sales : We collect the sales as well as stock coins for change on our periodical visits.

Procedures for installation of a vending machine – from inquiry to signing a contract –

STEP1:Inquiry from you
Please contact us by telephone or email. For email inquiries, our sales representative will email you or call you within 2 days.
STEP2:Our sales representative’s visit you
Our sales representative will come visit you with informational material, when we will ask you about the purposes of the vending machines in your facility, where you would like them installed and how many, as well as what products you are looking to provide.
After confirming your requests and desires, we will suggest a plan based on our expansive experience and know-how. At this time, we will also explain the procedures of the contract and the actual setting up of the machines, as well as details about maintenance.
STEP4: Signing of the contract
When you are happy with the plan we have suggested, we will move on to signing the actual contract. We will be fully responsible for creating contractual documents and other paperwork that may be needed, and if any electrical construction is needed, we will consult you and arrange it.
STEP5:Installation of the vending machines
A worker responsible for the installation will come and set up the vending machine, and will make sure everything is in order and make adjustments if necessary, as well as throughly checking and running tests. Once everything is confirmed to be in running order, the installation is finished. The vending machine can start operating on the same day.
STEP6:After-sales follow-up
Our periodical follow-up services include collecting sales, refilling change, re-stocking and replacing products, collecting empty bottles, and cleaning the machines. Of course, should the machines face any malfunctioning, we will be there to fix the problem. We will continue to be in close communication with you asking for your opinions and requests, and we will suggest when to replace products or the right timing to switch hot and cold beverages.